Monday, December 31, 2012

Sweater Indecision

I'm planning a visit to my LYS (local yarn store) tomorrow with the intention of getting enough yarn to start a new sweater for 2013. The only problem is that I don't know which one to pick. Here are my options as of now:

The Burdock Cardigan by Maura Kirk (the lovely green sweater on the cover of November Knits) This sweater features a really nice moss stitch that I'd like to try. This one is done in worsted weight.

Aidez by Cirilia Rose - This one is amazingly popular on Ravelry. I've been watching a few knitalongs elsewhere on the internet and everyone's version seems to come out so nicely. Aidez is knit in a bulky weight.

Both are cardigans without buttons. Aidez features cables & bulky yarn while Burdock has the moss stitch and worsted weight yarn.

Any knitters out there with a suggestion? What's the favorite cardigan you've ever knitted?

Perhaps I'll just go to the yarn store tomorrow with both patterns and see which yarn wants to go home with me!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Knitting is Complete!

Purple mittens: Cascade 220 Superwash
Orange mittens: Manos del Uruguay Maxima

I finished up my Christmas knitting with two pairs of mittens. I tried out Susan B. Anderson's new mitten pattern. Check out my Ravelry project page here for more details. Believe it or not, these were the first mittens I had ever created. Both pairs were sent to their new homes earlier this week and I've been told they even fit! Score one for educated guesses. 

Now I am back to my regularly scheduled knitting. Currently on the needles: a pair of socks for the hubby. 

Yarn: Tanis Fiber Arts Blue Label
Colorway: Midnight Blue
I'm using the Alpha Sock pattern from Tanis Fiber Arts. There are lots of cables and an interesting seed stitch panel on either side of the leg. The charts are easy to follow, too. However, I'm planning to use a different pattern for the toe of the sock. It's actually the toe used in the Business Casual sock pattern by Tanis Lavallee (who is also the author of Alpha Socks). 

I received a new pattern book for Christmas - November Knits. I am just in love with several patterns in the book, including the sweater on the cover - the Burdock Cardigan. It has a really interesting moss stitch pattern that I'd love to try.

I also am really intrigued by the Palamino Mittens. Can't wait to make them! Don't they look warm?  I believe a trip to the LYS is in order soon - I mostly have odds and ends in my stash right now. There's definitely not a sweater's worth of yarn in there.

I'll leave you with a picture from my travels today. We got some lovely snow this morning! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Hand Knit Christmas

Christmas Kitty for my niece, Lydia.

Most of the gifts I am giving this year will be hand knit! The Christmas Kitty was made using the C is for Cat pattern by Emily Ivey. Lydia is almost 2 years old and a big fan of cats. Unfortunately she was too excited yesterday to get a picture of her with her new stuffed friend. Maybe next visit.

Our friend, Andrew, also received a new stuffed friend this year. The pattern is Frederick the Frog Prince by Laura Long. I opted not to add the crown, as Andrew is a big fan of Kermit (who I don't believe typically wears crowns). Froggy will be taking up residence in Andrew's 1st grade classroom when school resumes in January. I imagine Froggy will have lots of new friends soon.

Andrew's wife, Cori, received hand knit socks! Made from Susan B. Anderson's wonderful sock pattern, How I Make My Socks.

And a friend from work received a lovely purple cowl made from the Cream & Sugar Cowl by Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting.

This year may be called "The Year of the Cowl." Laura received the Cambrian Cowl from the wonderful Costal Knits book. She is also a fan of purple! I hope she gets to wear it often. 

My grandmother received the Stacy Shawl from the Wendy Knits Lace book by Wendy D. Johnson. I used a ball of Miss Babs yarn and was really pleased with the results. Plus, the amazing yardage meant that I only had to weave in ends at the beginning and the end! 

Unfortunately, the rest of the knit presents will have to wait until another day. My family's Christmas gathering has been postponed until tomorrow due to the snow! It's really lovely outside but hopefully travel conditions will improve soon so that I can send the rest of the gifts on their way.