Friday, January 18, 2013

A little on blocking

Have you ever given a sweater a bath? Wet blocking a sweater can really define the stitches and bring out the beauty of the work. I finished the back section of my Aidez sweater and am currently giving it a nice bath. I like to wet block my sweater pieces before seaming the sweater together. I find it makes it a bit easier to sew it together because the edge seams have flattened out and are more defined.

I block most of my knitting in this large plastic storage box - it allows the larger pieces to spread out nicely. I like to use either Soak or Eucalan Wool Wash, although currently I'm really getting into the Eucalan. The eucalyptus scent is amazing.

Just one teaspoon per gallon of water - fantastic!

After the sweater soaks in the bath for approximately 30 minutes I squeeze out the excess water (never twist!) and then pin it on my blocking boards to the specified measurements. Then I just have to let it dry, which usually takes about 24 hours. (But if you're impatient like I am sometimes, a strategically-placed fan can really speed up the drying time.)

Here's the back section of my Aidez, pinned down and ready to dry!

What's your preferred blocking method?

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  1. Wow!!! Sweater looks beautiful!!! you taught me something.....I never knew blocking could define the stitches. Happy needling!!! Hugs!