Friday, January 11, 2013

Making Progress

Hi there!

Back panel of Aidez Sweater

Sorry for the silence around here. I caught the horrible cold that's been going around and pretty much all I've been able to manage is going to work and then coming home to collapse on the couch. However, today I'm feeling a bit better so I managed to get quite a bit done on the back of the Aidez sweater. I'm pretty fascinated with the cables - I keep wanting to do "just one more row" to see how it looks. So take a look - tell me what you think! Is anyone else out there obsessed with cables?

Check out those cables!


  1. Hi Paula!!! this is the 1st time I have taken a look at your!!! Your sweater in progress looks really neat......I am assuming the yarn you have has some subtle changes of color because of what I am seeing in the picture? Nice!
    Hope you are feeling better,
    Aunt Deb

  2. Hi Paula, wow, what a great least you aren't knitting two patterns to be finished in the same day like Julie in JULIE AND JULIA...I thought I had saved your blogsite on my homepage but couldn't find it, then I just searched for your blog and ended up on someone else's site KNIT AND SEEK, I think it was here I am finally after coming back to Facebook to get to your blog...looking forward to seeing all your creations and how it's going...cables look great, too.