Friday, February 8, 2013

FO: Jayne Cobb Hat

I have a finished project to share with you today. Jayne Cobb is a character in the amazing (and short-lived) tv show "Firefly." For anyone not familiar with the show, Jayne is part of the crew of the space ship Serenity and is a fairly rough character. But in one episode, he receives a hat knit by his mother in the mail and then proceeds to wear it through the entire episode. I thought it was really cute that this tough guy would proudly wear the hat his mother knit for him.

A friend of mine at work, Aimee, is a huge fan of Firefly and she is celebrating her 30th birthday on Saturday. So as a surprise, I knit her a Jayne Cobb hat and gave it to her yesterday. By some fantastic coincidence she was wearing her "Browncoats" t-shirt (another aspect of Firefly). She was so excited when she opened the box and found the hat! She put it on immediately and didn't stop wearing it the entire day. As I'm sure other knitters can attest, I just love it when people enjoy wearing the gift I knit for them. It made me smile every time I saw her in it yesterday.

I knit the hat using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes. It's a worsted weight yarn, but the hat was knit with two strands of the yarn held together. The pattern called for two different colors of yarn to be held together to create a marled effect (the red & orange and then the orange & yellow) and I did start out that way. But I didn't like the way the hat was turning out, so I ripped it back and held two strands of the same color together instead, which I think is actually a bit truer to the hat in the show.

Check out my Ravelry project page here for more details on the hat.

Coming up next time: pictures of my finished Aidez sweater (if we can ever get some decent weather to take nice photos)!

Love the giant pom-pom!

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