Friday, May 31, 2013

FO: Bobble Sheep Pillow

I finally finished the Bobble Sheep Pillow! I think it turned out pretty cute, although it blends in a bit with my couch so I may have to find it another place to live.

Pattern: Bobble Sheep Pillow by Purl Soho
Yarn: Berroco Vintage Chunky in the 6106 colorway (gray) & Cascade 220 in black
Needles: Size 3 & 10

The bobbles were time consuming to make but other than that they were pretty easy. It was the head and feet that were difficult. The way the stitches were picked up and arranged on the needles made it really awkward to knit. The leg stitches were arranged in a rectangle with just one stitch on each short end. After a while I decided to rearrange the stitches to make it a little easier. I just added some extra stitch markers so I knew where each round began. I really should have done that sooner! 

Check out my Ravelry project page here.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Just a little cupcake

Hi there! Just checking in to say hello and show off this tiny cupcake hat.

Pattern: A combination of several different hat patterns
Size: 6-12 months, approximately
Yarn: Worsted, Cascade 220 in cream & red, Bernat Satin Solids in light pink
Needles: size 5 circulars and dpns

I've knit this hat several times before, but this time I tweaked my routine to make the hat a bit smaller. My niece has a hat very similar to this, but that one fit her at 1-2 years and was knit with size 7 needles. This particular hat was knit with size 5 needles.  The bottom part of the hat is very stretchy due to the k2, p2 rib so there can be quite a bit of wiggle room as far as sizing. Simply changing the needle size and knitting to 5-1/2 inches (rather than 6 inches as I usually do) before beginning the decreases at the top seemed to do the trick. 

I just love the ruffle edging - I think it really adds a lot to this little hat! To create this sweet ruffle edge, pick up and knit every other stitch at the point where the cupcake turns to frosting (in this case, where the cream meets the pink). Then, knit one round. Round 2: kfb in every stitch. Round 3: Knit every stitch. Round 4: kfb in every stitch. Round 5: Knit every stitch. Bind off. This creates a very easy ruffle around the edge of the cupcake! Doesn't it look yummy?

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Knitting Club

I feel like I've been saying goodbye to people for weeks now - customers, coworkers, friends, etc. But I knew tonight would probably be the hardest because Tuesday nights are for Teen Knitting Club at the Library. We've been meeting for about three years and many of the girls who came during the first few weeks still attend on a fairly regular basis. Some I taught to knit and others came already knowing the basics. But I think I can definitely say that we all learned something from each other one way or another.

Here is a picture of our group that was taken in the summer of 2010. Notice some of the square knitting pieces around the table?

Here we are in 2013 - the squares finally became an afghan! Isn't it huge?! The blanket is great because everyone knit at least a square or two (which explains why the gauge is a little different in some of the squares). But that's what makes it unique.

I will forever treasure the time I got to spend with this unique group of girls. I feel honored that they let me be a part of their lives every Tuesday night for the past three years. Definitely going to miss them!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Special News

I've been waiting to share some news with you. We are moving! I got a wonderful job opportunity and we decided to make the leap and move to a new town. Last weekend we found the perfect apartment (well, really it's a duplex) and we signed the lease today. It's super cute, with a fireplace and hardwood floors!

So things have been a bit crazy around here lately. There are boxes EVERYwhere and we've been working hard to pack up our things and get organized before the move, so unfortunately there hasn't been much knitting time in the past few weeks. (I didn't realize I owned so many books! I have two full boxes to donate to the library and there are still several boxes that will be coming with us. One entire box is full of knitting books - no surprise there!) Plus, our current apartment is being shown to potential renters, so I've been running around trying to make sure things are nice and clean so that someone will want to rent our place!

I'm almost done with the bobble sheep pillow. Just one more leg to go! Although I enjoy the idea of the sheep pillow, I will say that picking up the stitches for the head and the ears was extremely fiddly and time consuming. If you ever decide to try it, do your fingers a favor and use a crochet hook to make picking up the stitches a little easier. 

I'm trying to finish all of my WIPs that have been languishing on the needles while I was distracted by prettier, more interesting projects. The less things I have to move (especially things with tiny, unattached pieces), the better. This also means no more yarn purchases until we're settled in our new place - even though I'm dying to knit the Regatta Tee by Olga Casey that's featured on the cover of the current issue of Interweave Knits. It's the perfect summery knit - nice and light but also something that I could pair with a cute jacket or cardigan for work. 

Anyway, I'll be back soon (hopefully) with a FO to share. I need to start crossing some things off my list!