Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Knitting Club

I feel like I've been saying goodbye to people for weeks now - customers, coworkers, friends, etc. But I knew tonight would probably be the hardest because Tuesday nights are for Teen Knitting Club at the Library. We've been meeting for about three years and many of the girls who came during the first few weeks still attend on a fairly regular basis. Some I taught to knit and others came already knowing the basics. But I think I can definitely say that we all learned something from each other one way or another.

Here is a picture of our group that was taken in the summer of 2010. Notice some of the square knitting pieces around the table?

Here we are in 2013 - the squares finally became an afghan! Isn't it huge?! The blanket is great because everyone knit at least a square or two (which explains why the gauge is a little different in some of the squares). But that's what makes it unique.

I will forever treasure the time I got to spend with this unique group of girls. I feel honored that they let me be a part of their lives every Tuesday night for the past three years. Definitely going to miss them!

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  1. And they will miss you, too!!! I am sure you have touched their lives!!

    Happy Moving!!! Hugs!!!