Saturday, June 8, 2013

Big Crazy Week

It's been a big, crazy week for me. I started a new job, moved into a hotel, and turned 30.

These are the beautiful flowers my husband brought me for my birthday! They really brighten up the hotel room. :)

I'm really excited about my new job and we found a cute little house in a great neighborhood, too. The only unfortunate thing is that the house isn't available until June 22 - hence, the hotel. Normally it wouldn't be my first choice to stay at a hotel for 3 weeks, but there weren't a lot of other options.

I've also managed to fit a little knitting into the week as well. I finished a little bear hat that a friend's mom had asked me to make it for her. 

Pattern: #37 Bear Hat by Jacqueline van Dillen from the book "60 More Quick Baby Knits"
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Sport in mink heather, cocoa, and winter night
Needles: US 5

A few things about the pattern - the hat is knit flat. The front and back are knit separately and then sewn together, which I thought was a bit strange. If I were to make this hat again, I would definitely change the pattern to be knit in the round. It would be so much faster! 

The ears and long ties were picked up and knit directly onto the hat. That part went fairly well. I also found the embroidery instructions to be a bit strange, but made it through nonetheless. It actually looks quite close to the picture, despite the fact that I couldn't find two of the three colors in the recommended yarn. I ended up just finding something close from Knit Picks instead. I think the blue I used is a bit darker than the sample, but other than that I'd say it's pretty close. 

This week I've been working on a new pair of Business Casual socks for Rob. His other pair got a bit felted even though I knit them using superwash yarn. Hopefully this pair will hold up better. I'm using the Stroll Tonal Fingering Weight yarn in the Thunderhead colorway. I'm on the third repeat of the pattern (out of four) for the leg of the sock. I think it's turning out quite nicely so far. 

Today I made my first visit to Stitch Your Art Out in Pine Grove Mills. As far as I can tell, it's the closest local yarn shop to my new home. It's actually both a yarn and fabric store. I'm not usually much of a fabric person (sewing isn't really my thing) but they did have a lot of nice items. I may actually purchase some fabric to make a little skirt around the bathroom sink in our new house. The space under the sink is totally open and that would create a little extra storage space. One challenge will be to find a fabric color that will coordinate with the sink's rather bright shade of turquoise! (Ah, the joys of a rental.) Their yarn selection was very nice with a good variety of brands. I found a nice ball of "Painted Desert" sock yarn to take home with me. It's 100% superwash wool in a very nice blue and purple combination. I'm excited to see how it looks in sock form! It's supposed to be a bit colder and snowier in our new home, so I'll need lots of warm socks soon! 

Stay tuned for more yarn adventures. I'm off to read a little more of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams. 

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  1. I like your sock yarn.....looks pretty!!! June 22 will be here before you know it, hopefully, your hotel room has a refrigerator and microwave to make things easier for you. However, don't forget to try Faccia Luna!!! Take pictures of your new home after you get settled!!! Hugs!!