Monday, May 19, 2014

A Visit to Fibre Space...and Quite a Bit of Knitting

Hi there,
When I sat down to write this, I felt like it had been ages since my last blog post. But it turns out that it was only 8 days ago, which, for me, is actually quite good. I'm thinking that it's because we've had several very busy days in between now and then. 

I started this project. But, since it's a commission knit this is all you'll get to see until it's done and has been sent off to its new home! I will tell you about the yarn though:

It's Cascade 220 Sport in the "Christmas Green" colorway. I think it's an excellent green. The stitch marker was handmade by a friend. I used the Turkish cast-on for this project. I've only used that particular cast-on a couple of times. I'm quite partial to the Long-tail cast-on, but this project called specifically for the Turkish cast-on instead, so I gave it a whirl. 

Some of you may know that I am a children's librarian. I work for a public library in Central PA and we have had to make some big cuts this year in order to make the budget work. So last fall, we took a vote about what the staff thought we should do to help make ends meet. Lots of options were on the table like layoffs, cutting hours, a whole staff furlough, etc. 

I'm very proud to say that not one person on staff voted in favor of someone losing their job. Instead, the vast majority voted to do a library furlough where we would close for a week and everyone on staff (from the director to the pages and everyone in between) would not be paid during that week. So that was last week. My husband decided to take vacation during my furlough week so that we could spend time together. We decided to take a small trip to Washington, D.C. for a few days. 

One thing that is totally depressing is that I am unable to knit in the car. However, I discovered that I am able to wind up balls of yarn with little trouble! So that was my project during our drive. The yarn is Patons Kroy Socks in the Blue Ragg Shades colorway. It's a self-striping yarn and I just love the colors. This is the first time I have knit with this yarn and I really like it so far. 

I've made excellent progress so far - I'm at least halfway done with the foot of the first sock. 

Of course, we couldn't go to D.C. without making a trip to Fibre Space! This yarn shop is located in Alexandria, VA in Old Town (which is an adorable part of town if you've never been there!). I've read their blog and followed their Instagram feed for a while, and I was so excited to actually see it in person. 

It took a while, but I finally decided on these lovely hanks of yarn. This is the Dragonfly Fibers Dragon Sock in the "Rockit in Space" colorway. It's a fingering weight superwash merino yarn. 

I think the colors are just amazing. I'm thinking of knitting a striped infinity scarf using a dove gray as the solid base between these colors. Still debating on that. I thought of using a solid cream color, but I'm thinking that won't work because there are sections of the Dragon Sock that are cream. But, so pretty! 

We did a bunch of touristy things so I'll just show you a few of my favorite pictures.

I found out that you can take guided tours of the Library of Congress. I love libraries, but this one was just exquisite. 

We also visited the Botanic Gardens where I discovered the Orchid Room. Amazing purple. 

So many different varities. I just loved the colors.

We also happened upon a whole room filled with different colors of Hydrangeas, another one of my favorites. 

After we got home, I managed to finish this pair of socks. 

Yarn: Zwerger Garn Opal Feen & Elfen/Fairies & Elves
Colorway: #5524
Pattern: "How I Knit My Socks" by Susan B. Anderson

The library opened again today. It was good to be back! I'll leave you with a picture from my walk this evening. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Finally Feeling Like Spring

My husband brought them home as a surprise yesterday. :) It's amazing how much they brighten up the living room.

I'm currently trying out a new-to-me yarn: Opal sock yarn. I'm using the Feen & Elfen fingering weight. I love the colors and am already past the heel on the 2nd sock. This pair will be for Molly's "A Homespun House" podcast May Sock KAL. 

Next on the needles: a new stranded/fair isle knitting project. I finally got around to blocking the red and white stocking and am now on to green and white! 

Yarn: Cascade 220 Sport in #8894 ("Christmas Green") and #8505 (White).